Hello and welcome to the wandering wonders. While wandering I wonder the marvels of this place called internet. As a human we love to wander on the streets yet when it comes to this place there is a hesitation; an unknown fear and today I am trying to go pass that fear and create something new.

Engineer by profession yet my best role i will say is of a mother. The rest achievements follow its suit. I dedicate this to my beautiful daughters who make me proud at every nook and corner of life. Although i crib and complaint a lot to make you better human rest assured you are my life.

disclaimer: The pictures posted on this websites are taken by me, my family and friends. I have their permission to post it here. However; the picture of Waterton park on the home page has been copied from google.  I give credit of that picture to the uploader.  Use of any photos from this website is prohibited without prior consent.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. ladkikijhy says:

    Hi Ami, absolutely lovely site!


  2. ilfordian says:

    Hello. Wandering with you through your pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amibhav says:

      Thank you for joining this wandering of mine


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