Abraham Lake- Ice Bubbles

Abraham lake is the reservoir to Bighorn Dam and is about 33 kM long. The scenic route of highway 11 follows the original fur route of Canada and hence this area is known as David Thompson country. Its named after David Thompson the man who mapped Canada from Great Lakes to Pacific.

This area has more than 20 provincial parks. We visited this area in 2017 as the part of our yearly group camping. Instead of camping we stayed at the resort there.

This year we went there again in January to watch ice bubbles. Ice Bubbles is a yearly occurrence that happens when the methane gas is captured under the frozen surface. As the ice on the lake thickens one can see the layers of bubbles. This is a very windy region and so the frozen lake is clear of all the snow.

We picked the route through Banff National Park and then on Icefield Parkway. The clouds kissing the snow clad mountains was the scene to be hold.

Photo courtesy a friend
Photo courtesy a friend

Our first stop was at the Preachers Point in the clearwater county. The lake is shallow and fully frozen. We enjoyed the bubbles and its formations.

Bubbles with Mount Michener in background at Windy Point
Bubbles at windy Point

Then we went to watch the Crescent falls in the Crescent Falls Provincial Park. The falls is frozen and it looks spectacular. We went till marked trail. Many people would hike down to get that perfect shot of the falls. I have been there in the summer and even then did not try to go off the trail. The path was icy and dangerous.

This was a bucket list trip. We had decided to go here last year but could not go. This year the weather was perfect. It was cloudy and windy but was bearable. This trip was done on Jan 17, 2021

PS: Most of the photos here are courtesy from friends.

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  1. ilfordian says:

    Lovely trip Ami. The ice bubbles look amazing. The falls look spectacular. Thank you Ami.

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    1. amibhav says:

      Indeed they look spectacular

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  2. ilfordian says:

    Hi Ami.How are you. Have missed your posts. Happy Diwali and a Happy and Healthy New Year.🪔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amibhav says:

      Wish you a very Happy Diwali and healthy new Year too Hansa.
      I have missed writing posts as well. I will definitely write it soon.
      Thanks for checking in.

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