Troll Falls

There is never a dull moment in the mountains. If summers are exquisite then winter turns the whole place in wonderland. If one is not afraid of walking in snow the experience is soul soothing. The natural sculptures formed from flowing water can not be captured easily.

This year I started with Troll Falls in Kananaskis because its an easy walk. The fresh snow from the earlier snowfall made the walk easy. Christmas is usually take kids to ski resort day. This year due to COVID restrictions all non skiers were not allowed in their rest area. This trail walk was the most plausible thing to do if we wanted to stay close to them in case of emergencies

Water is very intriguing matter. While it freezes under zero degrees flowing water has its way and can be seen not frozen giving life to those aquatic creatures.

Finally we reach the fall and i am transported to Disney Land and World and I felt as if I am on the sets if Disney’s Frozen.

Lower Troll Falls

The group went up towards upper fall. With the recent knee injury i thought it’s not wise to go up the slope and so i will have to be back to take again next year.

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