FishCreek Provincial Park

This is the provincial park which is within the city of Calgary. With more than more than 100 km of trails for biking, running and walking this is one of the largest urban of north America. As per the official website of Alberta parks it is rich in history where generations of native communities grew and thrived for thousands of years . The first Europeans in Calgary settled here. The city’s first industrial development was established here.

The valley of Fishcreek was formed by the last age melting glaciers. The fish creek flows through it. There are many storm water ponds that have been created here as the flood mitigation strategy by the City of Calgary.

To me this is the park is in my back yard. It helps me to get out with friends and family on daily excursions. During good weather which is mostly from May to September this park gives me the opportunity to go on nature trails and maintain good health. I have tried to cover most of the park.

The most difficult part is selecting photos to post here. The photos here are from 2013 to date. All taken during different time and day.

Spotting deer while walking has become a norm.

The park and its serenity attracts not just humans but also wild life. There is an artificial beach that has been created in the park. Sometimes while walking one see such mosaic created under the bridge.

Usually the daily walks are around 8-10 kms on different trails. We have found trails depending on the time of the day and the energy level of the group. Sometimes even health determines which route we take. We have found trails with shade, trails with one hill, trails with multiple hills, trails avoiding hills and so on. One fine day we had decided to walk across Fishcreek and so walked some 20+ km. Reading here is from my friends recording.

In a nutshell this park is the lifeline of my active life in Calgary.

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  1. ilfordian says:

    Good Morning Ami. Great park you have in your back yard. Loved the pictures. Hope you are well recovered from your fall and able to go on treks.
    Take care.

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    1. amibhav says:

      Thanks Hansa, the park indeed beautiful

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