Luray Caverns

There are about 4000 big and small caves in the state of Virginia and this being the largest we decided to visit this place on Aug 8, 2012. As per the official website they call this caverns as Geology’s hall of fame and rightly so. The formation of this caverns has taken more than 4 million centuries in making. The caves are located deep in the Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountain and is the United States Natural Landmark. These are the largest caverns in the East coast of US and is the most visited site.

Nothing prepares you for what is going to be in front of you. I have visited the Inner Space Cavern in Texas a decade back and yet this took my breath away. The formations; its size and its space made me feel like a particle; the way earth looks like in solar system.

As per wikipedia the cavern system is generously adorned with speleothems such as columns, mud flows, stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, and mirrored pools. The caverns are perhaps best known for the Great Stalacpipe Organ, a lithophone made from solenoid-fired strikers that tap stalactites of various sizes to produce tones similar to those of xylophones, tuning forks, or bells.

I am not sure if my photos will do the justice to this magnificent natural landmark so am posting this youtube virtual tour.

Its been eight years yet it seems like i can remember most of the features there.

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  1. ilfordian says:

    My first cave with stalactites and stagmites was in Tanga (Tanganyika) during school outing. It was a great experience. The next one was The Cheddar Gorge in Somerset UK. St.Michael’s cave in Rock of Gibraltar (British Overseas territory) has some great stac and stag but the cave is large to have concerts with good acoustics. Unfortunately there was no concert when I went there.
    Hi Ami hope you are recovering well. You took some great pictures. It sounds great that the stactites are used to produce various sounds. Wonerful. Did you here them?

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    1. amibhav says:

      All is well Hansa and thanks for being the ardent reader.
      No there was no performance when we visited it. We did not have luxury of time to time our visit to match performance.
      The cave excursions are so unique be it in US or any other part of world.


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