Larch Valley

Its fall in mountains and time of the year when the otherwise evergreen deciduous trees become golden making the whole valley Golden Valley or valley of Larch. The change of colour in fall is a phenomenon where trees conserve their energy for harsh winters. The needles fall every fall and comes back in spring.

Again this was supposed to be the hike to Sentinal pass via Larch Valley. The parking lot at Lake Moraine has challenges with limited parking spots and so we had to be patient for more than an hour to find parking for three cars. We started late in the day as it was a working day. We have to return before its dark and so decided to do 3/4th of the hike. May be it was for good. The smoke from the California wild fire made everything hazy. The view of Ten valley was not as splendid as it should be.

The hike starts from Lake Moraine. Its a well marked trail and the slope starts from the start. Lake Moraine itself is high on altitude and so the low air pressure makes breathing challenging from the start of the trail. Within a kilometre of trail there are three bridges that we have to cross. The noise of flowing water is soothing.

Clear sky photo of Lake Moraine taken on September 12. Today the photo is hazy.
So many trails to chose from
The peaks all covered in smoke

As we go up we find that the trail is quiet dry. With many switchbacks we can see lake Moraine.

The lake as seen from trail
Leaves changing its colour at lower elevation
Will this rock fall?
Dandelions ready to plant itself
The first sight of Larch changing its colour
Photo taken by a friend
Golden tinge in otherwise green

The slope ends and we reach the relative flat area. This flat area leads us to the base of Sentinal pass and open land where the nature has painted the landscape with splendid and spectacular colours.

And we arrive
As we look back into the valley. The Glacier subdues into smoke
A mossy rocky in the meadow
Lake at the end of Larch Valley. Not sure but this can be the Lake Minnestimma
We can capture the sunset. Photo credit a friend.
More fall color

Today i think that photos can do all the talking. So finally my apple watch reading

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  1. ilfordian says:

    Good Morning Ami. Great pictures.Must have been a great track.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amibhav says:

      Thanks Hansa. It was indeed a good hike.


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