Boom Lake Hike

Its mid September and the weather is good. The original plan was to go to Sentinal pass to view Larches. From a friend who had been there recently found out that larches are not there yet. So we decided to go to this hike. This is our first big group hike of the season. We went with 25+ friends and family. So this was hike between food hike. We made so much noise that one couple asked if we were here for someone’s wedding and we all laughed and said “Boom Lake per Boom padiye che”(We are calling each other at Boom lake . Boom mean to call in Gujarati)

This hike is on highway 93 south in Banff National Park. Its rated moderate but is on easy side of moderate. The hike starts from the parking lot. A bridge crosses the stream and is a well marked trail.

The trail is very wet despite its late in summer.

The flora and fauna is beautiful on the trail

We all see the dead fall in the forest

Ultimately we reach the lake after crossing the boardwalk.

The tree formation photo credit my friend

Finally my watch reading.

It was a fun hike with friends who are more than a family to us. Without them life in Calgary would be dull and unbearable.

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  1. So beautiful those pictures and your descriptions of them were, Ami! As good as being there! Lovely!❤️👏🏻🌈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amibhav says:

      Thank you Anu. Its been a long time.


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