Sulphur Mountain Hike

Sulphur mountain as its name suggests has mineral deposits of Sulphur in abundance. There are many hot springs in the area. Cave and Basin; the birthplace of Canada’s national parks is at the base of this mountain.

This hike was on my list past 4 years. I was told that we just had to hike up. The Gandola will bring us down. I had to pick this year to explore this hike. Due to covid the Gandola ride and its facilities are restricted to round trip users only.

The hike starts from the parking lot of Banff hot springs; in the town of Banff. Its one of the very famous hikes. Visitors do this hike or take up the Gandola to have stunning panoramic view of Rockies and town of Banff.

From start we go uphill. The switchbacks make it easy but there are never ending switchbacks before we reach up. Its a well marked trail in forest. The trees shades the trail in otherwise hot day. Other than view of Rundle Mountain and its valley the trail is otherwise not scenic and is borderline boring.

The Gandola crosses trail
View on the way to top
Dry waterfall on the way
Valley view on the way up
Gandola support.
View as we reached at the end of hike/Gandola facility
View at the end of hike

We take a break for lunch before we go ahead to explore the peak. A one kilometre long interpretative board walk is constructed on top which has view points to see the bird eyes view of Banff and panoramic view of Rockies.

View as seen from the Gandola deck
Yeh haseen vadiya yeh khula asmaan
Natures way to regenerate. Interdependency of the white bark pine tree and Clark’s nutcracker ensures both survives.
The peaks as seen on top
Board walk with concrete caissons. Park has really done wonderful job here
Board walk takes us to the end and Sanson Peak.
A historical cosmic ray station
Looking back. Gandola facility building stands out in within the mountains
Banff town, tunnel mountain, cascade mountain, Bow river, two jack lakes as seen from Samsun peak

This hike as its seen has the Geology, History and space study significance. Its famous within visitors too. I saw many people hiking without proper shoes. People from Gandola waves back as we go up and down the hike. A very busy hike despite less visitors this year.

We start going back. This hike really pushed my limits. My legs and knee are not happy with me at the end of the hike.

My apple watch reading. I did not pause the hike and so it includes time of rest, photographs, viewing and eating as well

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  1. ilfordian says:

    Good Morning Ami. Another great hike. I haven’t climbed up and my knees are hurting reading about your experience.. Great Pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amibhav says:

      Thank you Hansa.


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