Boasting some of the most spectacular scenery in British Columbia (Courtesy Revelstoke tourism) this is thus far one of the best destinations for many reason. From being winter wonderland to summer excursions this place has lots to offer.

The city has been named after the name of the aristocrat that gave generous donation to CP rail. The city is on the banks of Columbia river near its confluence with Illecillewaet River. The city is enjoys view of Monashee, Selkirk, Revelstoke mountain ranges.

One of the eminent places in the Mount Revelstoke National park is Meadows in the skyway park. Winding 26 kilometres uphill, the Meadows in the Sky Parkway takes you through forests of cedar and hemlock, spruce and fir to the renowned subalpine wildflower meadows of Mount Revelstoke National Park. The extraordinary experience of driving a good paved road from an elevation of 470 metres on the Trans Canada Highway, to 1835 metres at Balsam Lake is really exhilarating.  Last year in 2017 we went in the long weekend of July and the road was not open. This year we were lucky to go all the way up.

The smoke from the BC wildfire made everything look hazy.


If you want to experience hopping between the trees this is the place to be. The adventure park takes is built within the old forest of BC. Different adventurous lines and zip lines on 100′ high trees make it an exciting place and an excellent family quality time.

So happy to clear the single step log; survived the fall and was back up on the route


A half kilometer boardwalk takes you into the heart of the park’s old-growth forest, among cedar trees that may be more than 500 years old. This is an interactive trail where signs along the way explains the importance of the ecosystem.


A hydroelectric dam North of Revelstoke is like a hidden gem. The Canyon Dam is built on Columbia river. The visitor center has a lot to offer along with the tour of the dam.


A Ski resort on Mount Mackenzie is a winter wonderland and a paradise in summer. The pipe mountain coaster is one of its kind ride which is different. One has to go up the gondola ride and come down by Pipe Mountain Coaster. Its fun and something to do if you have not done it before.
The resort boast some of the best views and when completed will be one of the largest mountain resort in North America.

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